Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Top 4 tips for passing your driving test

It’s nerve racking taking your driving test, but it’s also the moment you have been waiting for, you’ve had lessons for months and now it’s your big moment! All it takes is for a few things to go wrong though and you’ve failed and then it’s time to start again. Here are some top tips to stop that big fail from happening.

1. Keep calm and carry on
Nerves are a big stress, literally, anxiety can lead to wrong decisions and ultimately failure. Just relax, keep calm and enjoy your drive, that’s all you're doing and there is only one person in the car. Plus they aren’t criticising you the whole way round either, usually they stay pretty quiet. If you do suffer from nerves or anxiety then speak to someone about it. You may also wish to consider getting some advice from a doctor or some tablets from the doctor too, it’s not a big deal, you have to do what’s right for you.

 2. Practice, practice, practice those manoeuvres
Practice your manoeuvres over and over, you never know which you will be asked to do and with great practice you’ll be ready for anything and ready to impress.

 3. Lots of lessons, lots of experience
Make sure you take enough driving lessons, driving instructors are a very good judge of when it’s time for you to be able to take your test. You should listen to their guidance and advice and pick your test at the right time, don’t be too keen and book yourself in before you are ready.

 4. Work on those things you aren’t so good at
It makes sense to work on things you aren’t good at, to get lots of practice in those areas, this can be frustrated but once you have passed you’ll feel the benefit. 

So there you have it, good luck, relax and enjoy taking your driving test, it can be an amazing experience and your driving test leader may be a great laugh too.